Monday, June 07, 2004

I hate silly conspiracy theories regarding the people in charge. I have nearly religious adherance to Occams Razor. And yet very strange news stories keep coming out that regularly give completely rational people like myself into wondering "Is is possible that...."

I've felt the kooks that fowards the conspiracy that Bush knew were off their rocker,,but stuff like this makes it very difficult to maintain that belief. Have to go now, need to put on a tin foil hat...
FAA Manager Mangled, Cut, Destroyed 9/11 Tapes

Scorned general's tactics proved right - Profile of the army chief sidelined by Rumsfeld
Matthew Engel in Washington
Saturday March 29, 2003
The Guardian

The US, in an effort to help curious Iranians circumvent their government's barricades to information, have created a way to allow Iranians to access info on the net. But the new, US-backed system is less than perfect. The filter is supposed to keep out dirty words like 'Ass' when Iranians are web searching. Unfortunately it also keeps out words like 'embASSy. Doh!

And for god sakes I know you people are smarter than this, if you would just open your eyes and see what's really going on rather than see what you want to see. How could you not deduct that only those willing to talk to M would be friendly to our cause?