Friday, May 14, 2004

I don't know if I am outraged, but I am disgusted in the complete abandonment of conservative principles. The most recent editorial in the WSJ complains about the do-gooders at the Red Cross for saying something about the prison torture. They seem to be upset about the Red Cross violating their "scrupolous adherence to confidentiality agreements"

Since the WSJ charges for content, I'm just going to retype by hand a segment of their most recent editorial, entitled Red Double Cross (Page A12, 05.14.2004);

"...confidentiality has gotten the ICRC remarkable access and- as countless prisoners over the years have testified- has improved conditions for detainees of regimes not known for brooking public criticism. The ICRC held it's tongue even as it worked in nazi Germany and during the 23-year mission in Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

"So it's a more than a little disconcerting and politically suspicious, that a report now leaks, criticizing the United States, of all countries. We'd take ICRC President Jakob Kellenberger's protest that he was 'profoundly distrubed' by the leak a bit more seriously if his organization had not rushed to confirm the authenticity of the document and then hold a press conference about it."

It's a sad day in this country when Conservatives get in a huffy about a scandal on their watch, and their only retort is that they demand that this nation be held up to the same standards as Nazi Germany or Saddan Hussein's regime. Really fucking sad...


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