Wednesday, May 19, 2004

From this new website from an Iraqi;

Hello every one ,these are couple of questions ,hope you could answer us back.
1. why it toke you so long to remove saddam, you could finish this job in 1991.
2. Why did you ABANDON the Iraqi people in 1991, and will we do it again? .
Some people here love to here you answers.

It is a striking thing to see this question posed in such a straightforward manner. I remeber seeing the refugees of the Kurds fleeing from where ever they were fleeing thinking why aren't we helping these people. I was horrified we encouraged them to revlot and then let Saddam slaughter them. I can't remember what the Dems and GOP was saying back then, the President, the media, the liberals and conservatives. What a horrible incident. That memory remains burned inside my head.

From this Christopher Hitchens article in Slate;

I remember a debate I had with Michael Moore—the newly crowned king of the Cannes Film Festival—at the more modest location of the Telluride Film Festival in 2002. Ridiculing the Bush administration's policy, he shouted that it had gone into Afghanistan to get Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar. "Mission NOT accomplished!" he added, to roars of easy applause. I asked myself then, and I repeat the question now: Would the antiwar camp have approved the measures necessary to ensure those goals? If they will the end, will they will the means? Would they taunt that lawyer in Tampa, as they taunt the supporters of regime change, with living a quiet life at home while others die in the field? Isn't the refusal to take out the leaders of al-Qaida a bit of a distraction from the struggle against al-Qaida?

Hitchens gets on my nerves sometimes, others he is dead on. I hate to admit it but right here I think he hits the mark.


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