Thursday, May 06, 2004

"Double standard in public life hurts Catholic credibility" article refutting drawing the moral parallel between the Death Penalty and Abortion.

I like Father McGreely's editorial regarding politics and the Catholic Church much better. If you want to make a case about aobrtion is not the equivalent I'll give you that. As much as I disagree with the Death Penalty it would not be so bad if the US judicial system followed some of the biblical guidelines in which capital punishment is properly handled - things like requiring at bear minimum 2 eyewitnesses and barring circumstantial evidense.

Of course I'd like to see some fool try to work themselves out of a box regarding the most recent foray in Iraq. This war is based on a series of lies. How many people are dead because of this most recent military action, and how many Christians will figure out a way to justify what has gone on even though an estimated 10,000+ are dead? While some of them played a role in mainting this Baathist regime, plenty are innocent. What is the excuse for this one?

I've never liked the idea of abortion, but there are a lot of things that the law enables. Just because I don't like the effects a law produces does not mean I want to see that law struck down.


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