Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Some days I want to be kind and reasonable with online debates seasoned with conceeding points. Some days I want to be understaning and patient, and try to go the "more bees with honey than vinegar" route. Today is not that day;

Wow, I mean like, god forbid we should see bodies or something during a war? I mean didn't anyone think there would be after a war? It's not like the VP said this would be a cakewalk or something. Aren't they still throwing flowers and kissing us on the cheek for liberating the Iraqi people?

You people here are debating whether one photo or not is what you think it is and the body tallies keep adding up. There are soldiers come home in body bags, and the ones who are left complain about insufficient armor for Humvees, a shortage of kevlar vests and twice revised & extended tours of duty in Iraq. Hellbent for this chaos and now you reside behind a CPU bashing liberals on the net.

If you were and still are in favor of blind support for this President but have the time to have this debate tells me one thing - YOU ARE A COWARD.

Are you really in favor of this war? Then go and enlist or shut the fuck up, you chickenhawk maggot cowards.

You know who else demands a constant war while sitting in the safety of his surroundings, brainwashing & intimidating others to fight a war that they themsleves are too cowardly to fight themselves? His name starts with an O, and he's wanted dead or alive. Ask the President if he can remember his name......

Hope you're related to a politician, cuz that's the only way you are going to get out of service when they fire up those draft boards. Texas Air National Guard anyone?


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