Thursday, April 29, 2004

It has been said that the GOP has always been more organized and therefore more effective. Being well funded is definitely a factor but as much as I hate to admit this there is another factor - I believe on the whole conservatives tend to have more discipline. It is a generalization and not necessarily applicable from every single conservative.

I can't help but think about Michael Moore's book "Dude where's my country" in reference to a thought about how every liberal has got a conservative in their family, he's the guy who never loses his keys. Liberals, for all their idealism and creativity on the whole, usually lack a little discipline maybe?

Well that may be true of the GOP organization regarding campaigns but you can't say the same thing for their followers. Hell, you can't even say that for the current administration that is in charge of this country. Maybe it's because they spend so much time running their campaigns that they have no time to figure out how to get their proverbial shit together.

As of right now there is a call to boycott Heinz products from GOP supporters who are against John Kerry and his wife Teresa Heinz. Has anyone of these people looked at the campaign contributions by the Heinz corporation? These people are just as inept as the people in charge in the White House. Please keep shooting yourself in the foot!

Yet more ineptitude from the reactionary GOP - your stupidity knows no depths.


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