Thursday, April 29, 2004

Editorial by Podhoretz - John Podhoretz's new book is "Bush Country: How Dubya Became a Great President While Driving Liberals Insane."

Mickey Kaus is a guy that drives me a little batty. The right wing blowhards don't annoy me as much as ammuse me. Franken has done a better job of illuminating what a bunch of self deluting morons most of these people really are when he has his dittohead friend on for his show. Al will literally corner the dittohead with Rush's own brand of bullshit and Mark, and Mark will literally contort himself like a gymanist to keep his self respect and idealogy. He even concedes lies and yet this does nothing to change his opinion. Yeah it pisses me off, but his ridiculous conduct is his own incrimination.

Kaus on the other hand finds himself continuously refering to his Democratic roots... among other things.

And to be fair Kaus is intelligent and usually does a pretty good job.

But when you refer to this asshole it just makes it that much more difficult to take him seriously.

It has been said that the GOP has always been more organized and therefore more effective. Being well funded is definitely a factor but as much as I hate to admit this there is another factor - I believe on the whole conservatives tend to have more discipline. It is a generalization and not necessarily applicable from every single conservative.

I can't help but think about Michael Moore's book "Dude where's my country" in reference to a thought about how every liberal has got a conservative in their family, he's the guy who never loses his keys. Liberals, for all their idealism and creativity on the whole, usually lack a little discipline maybe?

Well that may be true of the GOP organization regarding campaigns but you can't say the same thing for their followers. Hell, you can't even say that for the current administration that is in charge of this country. Maybe it's because they spend so much time running their campaigns that they have no time to figure out how to get their proverbial shit together.

As of right now there is a call to boycott Heinz products from GOP supporters who are against John Kerry and his wife Teresa Heinz. Has anyone of these people looked at the campaign contributions by the Heinz corporation? These people are just as inept as the people in charge in the White House. Please keep shooting yourself in the foot!

Yet more ineptitude from the reactionary GOP - your stupidity knows no depths.

Turning Tables blog - a blog from a soldier who has served and returned from Afghanistan and Iraq

Religious Doctrine and Hypocrisy

Another example of this intentionally misleading approach is by Michael L. Shields, writing in the August 1, 2003, National Catholic Reporter article, "Double standard in public life hurts Catholic credibility," states:

"In March 1995, Pope John Paul II issued his encyclical Evangelium Vitae stating that the death penalty is nly appropriate "in cases of absolute necessity, in other words, when it would not be possible otherwise to defend society. Today, however, as a result of steady improvement in the organization of the penal system, such cases are rare, if not practically nonexistent." … In spite of this declaration by the church, so-called "true" Catholic Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was able to reconcile his views on the permissibility of the death penalty with church teachings. Scalia argued that since the pope’s teaching on the death penalty in Evangelium Vitae did not come ex cathedra (i.e., with formal infallibility) he is not obligated as a Catholic to accept it, only to give it "serious consideration." Using Scalia’s logic, it is just as easy for a pro-choice Catholic to justify his belief in the right of a woman to choose because Humanae Vitae also did not come ex cathedra. However, the pro-choice Catholic would be considered more reprehensible than Scalia simply because well-entrenched conservative … consider abortion to be the greater of the two evils and thus they turn a blind eye to Scalia’s inconsistent views."

Tim Francis-Wright, writing for the self-declared Marxist/Leftist web magazine "Bear Left," states in his May 6, 2003 column, "Acta Santorum,"

"Santorum has criticized Catholic politicians who espouse liberal views on social issues, while praising President Bush as "the first Catholic president of the United States." Bush is a Methodist, unlike former President John Kennedy … He is, however, an unwavering conservative, and that is good enough for Santorum.

"Santorum is free, as he should be, to use his religious beliefs to guide his political beliefs. His problem is that the complete tenets of Roman Catholicism are awfully hard to reconcile without some cognitive dissonance. If Santorum took a hard line against abortion and euthanasia and homosexual acts, but also against the death penalty and nuclear weapons and wars of retribution, as do "seamless garment" Catholics, then his views on sexuality and homosexuality would reflect the odd amalgam of radical and puritanical within the teachings of his church.

"But Santorum is hardly a critic of the death penalty or of any war. Like many Catholics-and many non-Catholics-he has chosen from his religion's dogma what he wants to hear and ignored the rest. He may not want to admit that he, too, is a cafeteria Catholic, but his public pronouncements belie him. Ultimately, Rick Santorum is no better a Catholic than myriad Catholics who attend only Christmas and Easter services."

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Some days I want to be kind and reasonable with online debates seasoned with conceeding points. Some days I want to be understaning and patient, and try to go the "more bees with honey than vinegar" route. Today is not that day;

Wow, I mean like, god forbid we should see bodies or something during a war? I mean didn't anyone think there would be after a war? It's not like the VP said this would be a cakewalk or something. Aren't they still throwing flowers and kissing us on the cheek for liberating the Iraqi people?

You people here are debating whether one photo or not is what you think it is and the body tallies keep adding up. There are soldiers come home in body bags, and the ones who are left complain about insufficient armor for Humvees, a shortage of kevlar vests and twice revised & extended tours of duty in Iraq. Hellbent for this chaos and now you reside behind a CPU bashing liberals on the net.

If you were and still are in favor of blind support for this President but have the time to have this debate tells me one thing - YOU ARE A COWARD.

Are you really in favor of this war? Then go and enlist or shut the fuck up, you chickenhawk maggot cowards.

You know who else demands a constant war while sitting in the safety of his surroundings, brainwashing & intimidating others to fight a war that they themsleves are too cowardly to fight themselves? His name starts with an O, and he's wanted dead or alive. Ask the President if he can remember his name......

Hope you're related to a politician, cuz that's the only way you are going to get out of service when they fire up those draft boards. Texas Air National Guard anyone?

Sunday, April 18, 2004

There Goes the Neighborhood - Why home prices are about to plummet... and take the recovery with them. By Benjamin Wallace-Wells

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