Saturday, November 15, 2003

Is this really a woman or a gay guy? If you are having this much sex, where do you find the time to blog? Either way, whther this blogger is actually a woman or a gay man posing as one, her/his blog is a turn on. Why the hell don't I meet people like this during puberty!?!?!?

Of course taking advantage of people sexually is not in my nature. I remember my girlfriend teling me the story of her sister and brother-in-law. Apparently they broke briefly because he felt he needed to sow his wild oats. About a month into the experience he realized he had no wild oats to sow and married the girl. That describes me to a tee.

Yeah, every man out there wants to brag about all the poon he's bagged, but those who are willing to do it at any costs, be it lying or acting or whatever you want to call it is just not in my capability. Not that having sex with a lot of people is by definition "taking advantage of people", it's just that it isn't in my nature to do this kinda stuff.


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