Friday, October 10, 2003

The Conspiracy to keep you Poor and Stupid

Spending On Iraq Sets Off Gold Rush - via Washington Post

It's ideas like this, and the Left Coaster's Truth Squad ideas that have the potential to gain traction:

Lawn Ornaments for God No More Mister Nice Blog shows us some religious hypocrites

Trying to Explain One More Time Late Night Thoughts points out some basic differences in presidential scandal

More Tax Cuts fir the Unemployed Ethel the Blog tells us those tax-cutting Republicans aren’t done yet.

Bush’s Tax Increase Max argues that deficits are actually taxes.

A killer one liner containing the quintessential PigBoy joke, and some Bears dissection from a long suffering fan

Energy Plan: No Visionaries, Please Meteor Blades, new guest poster at the Daily Kos, examines the administration's energy policy.

The Illegal Supreme Court Decision of Bush v Gore No, some of us aren't "over it."

until the violence stops... It's domestic violence awareness month, you know.

Letter to Ashley - Some hope for the next generation, which is already despairing
Anti-War vs. Anti-Bush's War Matt Langer says what I'm thinking.
McGaw Hall map
photojournalist for Tribune online /

Why Are These Men Laughing? - Esquire, January 2003, ©2002 Reprinted with Permission

Maybe it’s because the midterm elections went so very well. Maybe it’s because at the White House, politics is the best policy. Maybe it’s because it’s the reign of Karl Rove. An inside look at how the most powerful presidential adviser in a century does what does so well.

The White House on Monday denied that President Bush's chief political strategist was involved in revealing the identity of a CIA operative, in possible violation of the law. A Democratic senator has asked Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to probe the matter. The naming of the intelligence officer's identity by syndicated columnist Robert Novak came shortly after her husband, former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, undermined Bush's claim that Iraq had tried to buy uranium in Africa.


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