Sunday, September 21, 2003

U.S. rushed post-Saddam planning

A secret report for the Joint Chiefs of Staff lays the blame for setbacks in Iraq on a flawed and rushed war-planning process that "limited the focus" for preparing for post-Saddam Hussein operations.

The report, prepared last month, said the search for weapons of mass destruction was planned so late in the game that it was impossible for U.S. Central Command to carry out the mission effectively. "Insufficient U.S. government assets existed to accomplish the mission," the classified briefing said.

The report is titled "Operation Iraqi Freedom Strategic Lessons Learned" and is stamped "secret." A copy was obtained by The Washington Times.

The report also shows that President Bush approved the overall war strategy for Iraq in August last year. That was eight months before the first bomb was dropped and six months before he asked the U.N. Security Council for a war mandate that he never received.

article on Iranian Coup staged by Ike. One could say that 9/11 happened as an indirect and unintended consequence from this very action.

What Fires You Up? Blog.

Panoply of the Absurd - "Were the attacks on New York and Washington the biggest act of terrorism in history - or just an enormous secret service conspiracy?"

This international phenomenon has bothered me as well, the whole industry's worth of conspiracy mongers with completely fucked up and ridiculous half baked theories. They decide what they believe first, then use evidense that support those theories and ignore conflicting evidense. From the article;

Conspiracy theorists are filling bestsellers with their supposed evidence, and they already have one-fifth of all Germans convinced of their half-truths.

The Real Empire -
From the September 1 / September 8, 2003 issue: The once and future China. by Gary Schmitt, 09/01/2003, Volume 008, Issue 48

Apparently this conservative author, while definitely accurate in his criticism of China, seems to forget that China's biggest enabler is us, the United States! What a dumbass! All those rich business people that read the Weekly Standard probably have major investments tied up in China. The reason we don't say shit to the Chineses is because all those who profit from their economy are huge contributors to the Bush administration. Granted plenty of those people did the same when Clinton was in office. But those who took potshots at Slick Willy when he was in office now have no one to blame but themselves.

U.S. Rejects Diluting Iraqi Occupation Authority

In Wal-Mart's America.

Confessions of a Terrorist - Author Gerald Posner claims an al-Qaeda leader made explosive allegations while under interrogation.


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