Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Seattle voters nix 10-cent espresso tax - Sept. 17, 2003 | SEATTLE (AP) -- After voters in this caffeine capital rejected a proposed 10-cent tax on espresso drinks, cafe owners celebrated with beer, wine and -- what else? -- lattes.

As much of a Liberal that I am, I suspect that whenever a stereotypical Conservative cites stupid, foolish, wasteful or irrelevant ideas from Democrats to raise revenue (While I could be wrong, I think it's safe to assume this is most probably a Demcrat's idea) this would be a prime and quinessential example. I'm in favor of trying to raise revenue to pay for education, but where's the logic between taxes drinking beverages for the Seattle school system? Fees and taxes on a specific activity that in of itself has no real detrimental cost to the city are flat out silly. I couldn't blame a conservative if they lost their top over this proposal.

Disparity in tax revenue distribution from state to state from Calpundit. I tried to swipe the map he put up on his blog, but I cant get the source code for some reason.

Disparity in tax revenue distribution from state to state from Brad Delong

The Tax Foundation's analysis in the disparity in tax revenue distribution. It has the same map that Calpundit showed, plus lots of more info about the issue.

Indy Media Conference in Madison Wisconsin. Looks like I'm going.

Hotels in Madison that allow dogs. Since the significant other and I adopted a 3 year old collie.


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