Thursday, September 04, 2003

Report blasts American infrastructure
. Sept. 4, 2003;
WASHINGTON (AP) -- America's infrastructure is full of cracks, leaks and holes and is getting worse, according to an analysis by civil engineers that gives the nation's transportation, water and energy systems an overall grade of D-plus.

Insiders are bailing on home-builder stocks
- The long-term forecast for new homes might be good, but right now, rising mortgage rates make investors -- and company officers, apparently -- nervous.

Rumors of Bin Laden’s Lair
- Some believe life on the run has made it impossible for Osama bin Laden to control and lead Al Qaeda. In Afghanistan’s Kunar province, people tell a different story

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I hope everyone mentions this on your blogs.

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how cell phones work from the site How Stuff Works.

Prometheus 6's new site on Moveable Type. The URL will be

Degenerating Situation - Why blackouts and gas shortages are very modern inventions.

What kind of 60's preson are you?

A blog of the Chicago Trib that linked BMA.

In Which NTodd Says His Peace

Laura Stetser of who is a very busy blogger in Boston.


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