Monday, August 18, 2003

Why is it that Republicans are always advocating deregulation for every avenue of the economy and trusting individuals (aka corporations), and yet they are always touting tort reform. This is totally hypocrisy since you are saying "We trust big business to police themselves, but we dont trust citizen juries to hold those corporations accountable when they do break the law." Total hypocrisy.

Why are conservatives so hostile towards the UN, a body of politics that means the US loses some sovreignty, and yet they never bring up the fact that the NWO is completely hostile to Democracy. NWO boards that fine countries blocking certain goods thru laws (as in that product is illegal because it is a proven carcinogen). They both do they same thing in that they usrup certain national laws. However the UN pusues human rights and peace, while the WTO benefits multinational corporations. I guess there is really no mystery to that one, is there?


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