Monday, August 11, 2003

Michael Ledeen google search reulsts.

Quoted from this article on Bertram online;

Do people know Michael Ledeen? He's a neo-con foreign policy big-wig, associated with the American Enterprise Institute, writes often for Commentary and National Review, and was a key player in the Iran-Contra scandal. Anyways, in National Review online, he was quoted as saying "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business." Now I ask you, isn't this the voice of empire? (Tactitus said something similiar in one of his histories: that small nations like Ireland need to be defeated as an example for the world.).

Here's where we can all introduce ourselves. I'll get the ball rolling, but please don't limit yerself to the topics I'm introducing (or feel the need to include as much as I did).

Name: Jeremy Puma (it's not after the cat, it's actually a derivative of the Latin word for "Apple" via my Sicilian blood.)

Age: 27 (28 on Sept. 2-- gifts of cash, booze or dog treats are welcome)

Hometown: St. Augustine, FL, "The Oldest Permanent European Settlement in the United States." I left Florida after 22 years of ghastly heat, mosquitoes the size of B-52 bombers, forest fires, fire ants, commercialism, racism and Republicanism (apologies to our Florida bloggers, but I ain't never livin' in that right-wing death sauna again ).

Currently residing: Seattle, WA (*sigh of relief*) AHHHHH-- perfect! Temperate, fun, mountains mountains mountains.

Employment: I work as a desk monkey at a local newspaper union doing things like fighting media consolidation, organizing workers, basic graphic and web design, and making coffee for my boss. I have also been: a tour guide at "The Fountain of Youth," a music store manager, a radio disk jockey, a wedding disk jockey, a painter (house and art), and a "customer service agent" for

In my off time, I go to parks, read like the devil, watch many films, drink/"smoke" myself into a stupor, listen to lots of music (I have about 1500 CDs), translate ancient Christian texts from the Coptic. I also continue to paint and have shown work in Seattle, London, Orlando and Germany. For the curious, you can find some of my stuff at (original, no?).

I took up blogging for a number of reasons, but mainly because I felt as though my degree in philosophy/religion was starting to stagnate. I wanted to offer up what meagre skills I have to a general reading public, and blogging seemed like the perfect way to do it, especially since the world really needs independent voices right now, and blogging is (in my humble opinion) the closest thing the world has ever had to a free press.

I am an heretical Christian Gnostic (if'n you wanna know what the heck that means, go here), and consider myself an ideological Anarchist, though enough of a realist to know how silly it is to consider oneself an ideological Anarchist, so I'm willing to settle for affecting change through whatever works. I am also 100% pacifist, opposed to any, every, all war and acts of violence, including the death penalty. I won't budge one bit on this position.

I have no interest in endorsing any candidate yet (though I'm keen on Kucinich), and I'm one of those stinkin' "Vote Your Conscience" types who can't stand W but also couldn't stand Clinton. I would rather choke to death on a transistor radio tuned to Rush Limbaugh featuring Ann Coulter than cast my vote for someone like Joseph Leiberman.

However, I like to think I have an open mind that changes all the danged time, and I love listening to other opinions, so . . . er, so there.

Okay, that's all I can think of for now, so if there are any questions, please ask. I look forward to reading everyone else's info, too!

Name: Sam Foster

Born: 07/23/1979 - 24 years old

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Currently Residing: Altamonte Springs, FL (just north of Orlando)... I live in conservative Seminole County. I'll be moving to Tampa just as soon as this contract my company is working on goes through. I agree, this is a serioiusly right-wing death sauna with more rebel flag flying than I care to be around.

Employment: I work as a broadcast editor for Mobility Technologies. I'll soon be a mid-level manager (along with the move). I'm like the Jeffersons, man... movin' on up, finally gettin' that piece of the py-yiiiiiiiiiiiiie!

My political stance, in case you don't know from my blog, is quite liberal, especially on social issues... I've been accused on many an occasion of being a socialist.

I'm a Sufi Muslim, which I'll direct you here to learn more about... I've explained myself a jillion times on what it means to be Sufi to friends/family, so I'm just exhausted with typing it out...

I'm a huge fan of hip-hop, neo-soul, jazz, r&b, reggae, Afropop, Trip-hop, ambient, house, and so called "chill out" music. Favorite artists include Portishead, Mos Def, Les Nubians, The Roots, Common, Talib Kweli, Rage Against The Machine, Jill Scott, Lizz Wright, Norah Jones, Zero 7, etc...

I like music, movies, working out, cooking, fine dining, long walks on the beach... oh wait, I forgot this isn't a personal ad.

Although I'm serious most of the time on my blog, I'm a big goofball. I like watching cartoons (The Simpsons, Family Guy, Adult Swim, Dexter's Lab, Cow & Chicken) and I love comedy shows like The Chappelle Show and SNL.

The site for Colorado Luis.


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