Monday, August 11, 2003

"Life if all about Priorities"

This is the most valuable piece of advice my Dad ever gave me. Heck, it might be the most valuable piece of advice I've ever gotten. The whole phrase holds a lot of meanings; don't sweat the small can't do everything, and you need to decide what is important in life. Much like Neosporin, I apply this phrase as it is necessary.

We all have to prioritize what is most important in our life. It's applicable in many ways, large and small, be it the small tasks you engage in everyday or where you want your life to lead. As for everyday activities sleep is high on that list – although it has been known to be downgraded when a deadline is fast approaching and I’m behind on a projects due for school or work. It relates to everything, be it family and friends, society, money, religion, and politics.....

Especially politics. I am regularly in awe, considering the current chaotic and unbalanced state of the world, how much time people worry and fret and talk about the stupid shit that goes here and abroad when far more grave and serious issues are at hand. There’s a time to talk about and fret about stupid shit. Now is not that time. I hope the day arrives when with all the really important things in this world are resolved (it’ll never happen) and we can dwell on really mundane things like Illinois passing a bill declaring that Popcorn is now the new statewide official snack.

I know our media sucks, and I've blogged about it on more than one occasion but I can't help but think just how completely fucked up the priorities of so many of our instituitions and individuals everywhere. I gotta confess, my own stance on gay marriage and gays in the church aside*, the fact that this is receiving such prominent media coverage is absolutely ridiculous. We have soldiers dying in Iraq, a window of opportunity to bring peace and democracy in Iraq is getting smaller by the day, the deficit is now the size of Antarctica, unemployment, homelessness and poverty are on the rise, environmental catastrophes loom on the horizon, and yet our local news coverage didn't touch the crisis in Iraq till they covered the minimum quota of 3 local tragedies.

With all this shit going down, the White House is wasting valuable resources sending lawyers to work within the framework of the constitution to outlaw gay marriages. Last time I heard they were toying with idea of pulling Air Marshals from flights because of the cost. How hard could it be to take the salaries of those stupid wing-nut lawyers that are working with Cheney in his 'undisclosed location' trying to ban gay marriage and put it towards the goddamn air marshal program. I’ve already suggested we scrap The Pentagon Intelligence Division because no one in the White House is using it.

The Vatican started their campaign against gay marriage. It would be nice if the Catholic Church put this much effort into resolving the current mess with sex abuse scandals way back when.


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