Thursday, August 14, 2003

From this site, Rush Limbaughtomoy.

Andrew - since you're not an across the board "one party is always right, the other is always wrong" kinda guy, and I respect and appreciate that, even if we dont agree, I'm going to do my best to not be an ass here. My political ideaology is probably pretty evident in my previous post, and there are certain things we can agree on, but let's get one thing straight;

B) In terms of “who let this happen”, our answer is clear. AMERICANS let this happen. Both Republicans and Democrats for twenty years have pissed around with these people, responded to terror with handwringing and half measures which probably hurt us more than helped, by implying to our enemies a lack of seriousness. Carter, Reagan, Bush I, and Clinton were all guilty, and I guess Bush II though he was only in 9 months and we didn’t really get attacked until 9/11.

Yes, there are a lot of people guilty and America did let this happen - but your assessment of the situation is I think WAY OFF. Where did the terrorists come from? Why are they pissed about? Where did they get their weapons? I guess to sum up comes down to this; generally when really bad stuff starts happening to this country, it's not because of what The President or Congress did last week or last month or even last year but the effects of many years past. 9/11 was the result of a lot of things one that most people dont want to acknowledge.

You know I'm not going to sit here and exonarate Clinton as if he's not responsible and say the world would be a better place if Al was President. BUT if you really open your eyes and see what has happened you may notice a pattern;

-One of our Presidents approved for the spending and CIA training of the Mujahadeen to fight the Soviets. Coincidentally the people who we trained (Osama and many others) came to form Al Qaeda.
-After getting spanked by OPEC at least three times during the 70's, one of our Presidents let us go right back to our oil dealers like nothing ever happened making us dependent on cheap oiol and in turn being subservient to the Saudis, ushering in a terrible sick symbiotic relationship with Saudi Arabia.
-Someone made Iraq an "Ally" to get to our new enemy Iran. We sold a madman (Saddam) chemical and biological weapons. -Someone approved the financing of those deals purchased thru the import export bank. We never got that money back, mainly because of Gulf War I. Our "ally" was now our enemy.

The list is very very long, and I dont have the time. But one party, or more specifically a handful of individuals in that party that held power for quite a while have (a)helped fund, train, organize and create those monsters (b)profited IMMENSELY whether it be oil or defense while dealing with these evil bastards and just to put whip cream on top (c) benefitted immensely financially and otherwise when the US was forced to take those very same monsters out. Guess which party that is Andrew?

The Theocracies and dictatorships we cater to were corrupt before and after 9.11. We did not invent Islamic Fascists, but we sure gave it a lot of money. The powers that make huge sums of money to keep this sick symbiotic relationship going have somehow managed to bury the real problems. They've even managed to blame others who aren't nearly as responsible as the ones who are getting away with murder.

You know what Slick Willy was most guilty of? Not telling this country the truth about SUVs and our oil consumption and maintaing what can be only comparred to as a "drug habit", cheap oil. The economy was doing so well, everybody was happy, there was really no incentive. And then oil prices went thru the roof, the California energy crisis, and then 9.11.

So yeah, both Dems and the GOP deserve a share of the blame. But one party has made literally hundreds of billions of dollars by making deals with these people, and onr party is WAY MORE GUILTY of the fucked up situation that led up to 9.11. Heck, we're still in a mess and I dont see a way out.

I can't force you to see what you wont see, but if you really look at why things are the way they are you would know that hand wringing in the face of terrorism isn't what paid for the plane tickets that were used by the terrorists that made 9.11. Freedom isn't free, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper when you're not funding the enemy.


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