Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Howard Dean's official blog. Very cool....

a free blog server - I just like the name associated with it - blue dragon.

I just copied this whole blog entry mainly because by the time I read it, the post won't be on the top of the page.

Lately I've been wrestling with the dark fear, within my heart of hearts, that I may suffer from Republicanus Extremae, a once rare condition that seems to be spreading at an alarming rate.

The chief symptom of this virulent condition is a growing desire to get lots of people to engage in work without offering a paycheck or perquisites in return. It's gotten so I can barely look at myself in the mirror anymore without screaming "Exploiter!" and "Oppressor!" at my smug face, which responds by having me arrested and sued for my entire net worth, which consists of a collection of playing cards bearing the likenesses of Hot Democratic Almost-Weres From History, and a coffee grinder, the latter being the only pacemaker I can afford that keeps me clinging tenuously to my shmoe-called life.

The first step to curing myself of this affliction is admitting to it: "My pseudonym is Cowboy Kahlil and I'm a cheap bastard with unseemly table manners."

There. Phew. That was hard. Coming out of that closet, I kept stumbling over worthless stock options, HMO plans, and insurance racket lobbyists, before I could even reach the doorknob. But now that I'm 'out', I can confidently layoff half my readers, hire temps to dust my blog-pixels and outsource the rest to Mongolian yakherders eager to work at three zlotniks per day. Those middle management readers remaining had better double their doses of Methedrine and triple their reading speed, or they'll be next.

My sponsor at Fringe Extremists Pseudonymous tells me I can't overcome this condition until I let it run its full course. Which is why I'm standing before you today in high-heeled cowboy boots with glistening titanium spurs, stretch leather chaps and a red 'power' bandana, wielding a Neiman-Marcus jade-encrusted cattle prod.

Deliver the goods, hombres, or you'll be on half-rations of hardtack and pemmican and won't get invited to the annual company Pot-o'-Beanfest.

In other words, I'm recruiting. Being that I'm an equal opportunity kinda guy, however, masochistic over-achievers with low self-esteem are strongly encouraged to apply. I'll stand up for your struggle to find your inner workaholics and give them their chance to toil, united, with attention undivided.

Wait. After running this past my PR department, they've convinced me there's a better way to market my proposition. So ask yourself these questions:

v If you're a blogger, do you despair that you'll never achieve the prestige, power and influence that Glenn Reynolds achieves with 70 thousand hits per day in a country with 280 million people?

v Does it ever seem like half your blog-surfing is done within a reverb chamber with multiple links to the same story, and multiple interim opinions offered before all the facts of the story are known?

v Do you long for freedom from the daily compulsion to find something noteworthy or clever to say which was previously the job of well-paid media professionals assisted by editors, producers, a research department and a make-up artist?

v Are you filled with the compulsion to find the one true way to wield your prodigious keyboarding speed and awesome mousing skills in a way that will doom the Bushocracy and exile its members permanently to inner city janitorial positions at fast-food outlets?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you're just the rube I'm looking for.

Setting aside the hype for a second, I do have something in the works. In the past week, I've contacted about 10 bloggers with a preliminary proposal and about half have expressed an interest. Which means I'll be contacting many more over the next 3 weeks.

In the simplest of terms, I'm not putting out a concrete proposal; I'm trying to build a team that can brainstorm a significant amount of the flesh upon the skeleton that my proposal consists of. Reading across the blogosphere - and not just the political part - I know there's many with demonstrable talents at writing, reasoned debate, editing, researching, hyping, or design and layout, including some with multiple talents. There are some who specialize in key topic areas, too.

I need all of you. Established top level bloggers and newly emerging unknowns. For varying levels of commitment, most of which will require less work than daily bloggers put forth currently.

Can this idea actually have some impact on the 2004 election cycle? I'm sufficiently optimistic or deluded enough to think so. It took me several months of reading the 500+ blogs in my sidebar (plus many more) to let my thoughts gestate to this point where I'm ready to advance it to others.

While this doesn't parallel other ideas I've heard, it's clear that others have sought or are developing ways to focus multiple talents in more effective ways in the next 15 months - or longer - so if you aren't interested in my project, I hope you'll consider theirs. It doesn't matter where their motivation came from; they're all in pursuit of the best America that can be. I'd like to see them all succeed.

So yes, at its simplest, my idea is a metablog project. I've seen some metablogs lose steam quickly with one person assuming most or all of the posting duties, though. I'm trying to build something different, ambitious, and effective, with committed folks on board. There's plenty of room to help, even if you're not currently blogging, if you have talent and can keep your commitment - which can be small or great (it's your choice).

If you're at all interested, feel free to contact me via the comments to this post or via email ( kahlilATdespammedDOTcom ). If you're not personally interested but would like to see some/all of these projects succeed, please link to this post. And if I contact you within the next 3 weeks to invite you aboard, please grant me the courtesy of a response.

Oh, yeah, btw, there are areas I know I'll have to lay some cash out for. I may need your advice about reliable and inexpensive hosting plans. If you do design or know good designers that can assist, get in touch. I'm hardly in a position to lay out wads of cash, but I'm willing to negotiate some renumeration for such work. A geeky coder couldn't hurt either, as there's a couple of features I'd like that'd take some inventiveness.

That sums it up, sufficiently vague to build suspense in John Ashcroft's Christio-fascist sanctuary deep in the bowels of the Justice Dept, yet sufficiently explained to pick up a few inquiries. And, since it clearly means I gotta lay out cash and work without guarantee of a return on my investment, while calling on committed volunteers to better America, I guess I'm not much of an extremist Republican after all.

How will I ever endure the disappointment?

I'll settle for a strong, healthy, free, and progressive country that builds upon past achievements instead of one that promotes a soulless empire of, for and by the well-connected at the expense of 99% of the world. (Heck, for starters, it'd be nice to get the Democratic party regulars to meet that standard again.)

Adios again; barring emergencies, this post should stand as my final post for awhile, as my dayjob workweek begins today and a ton of work awaits me.

A visitor made this comment,
Just curious - I saw that you placed a comment on one of my blogs and there was no text, yet your id as cowboy kahill appeared. So, following the link, poof - here I find you. So, at least it is nice to find that there are some political sensibilities in common, lol! So, cowboy, write back and lets see about this reading across the blogosphere. I am also linked regularly in technorati current events:
I find this a great place to pick up current and fast-breaking news. In fact, I also found your blog linked to mine at that site. Peace, cobalt

And add one more thing to the grocery list - A conservative to harass when I have some free time. I certainly hope no one actually clicks this link.


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