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I've been a premium member for more than a year now. Despite my lefty liberal tendencies I think it's important and a must for a liberal leaning publication publish good writing from a conservative point of few that critiques the flaws in liberal idealogy and liberals themselves that might not come out if it were nothing but an echo chamber of lefty mantras. The idea of the column that Sullivan has is something I approve of.

With that said I have to say Andrew is one of the blindest, partisan and flat out ignorant columnists there is.

Conservative legal groups look to harp on one issue in one arena in the name of civil rights while far more egregious and serious issues are unattended to. Talk about fucked up priorities.

British Scientist Puts Odds for Apocalypse at 50-50 Mon June 09, 2003 12:12 PM ET
By Deena Beasley

The Bush administration goes into full spin mode and Tony Blair battles to save his political life, as charges mount that they lied their way into war, by Jake Tapper.

Unemployment rate climbs to nine year high
June 6, 2003 | WASHINGTON (AP) -- The nation's unemployment rate climbed to 6.1 percent in May, the highest level in nine years, as businesses cut 17,000 jobs in a weak economy struggling toward recovery.

Young Conservative but hip Republicans?

Friday, June 20, 2003

The Long Detour
The History And Future Of The American Left
by James Weinstein

The Long Detour is an intellectually engaging overview of the history of socialism in the United States and of the continuing relevance of socialist principles today. Historian and journalist James Weinstein, a lifelong socialist and one-time Communist, takes readers from the movement's early years of utopian communities, through the heyday of engagement with the makers of corporate America, and into the future of a de-industrializing era. He contends that socialism as a political movement was sidetracked when Communist domination of the American left stifled creative social thought and diverted the traditional left into sterile disputes over the true nature of the Soviet Union. And he argues that while "real existing socialism" – which is what the Soviets called their system – is dead, the humane social principles articulated by Marx and the leaders of the pre-1917 socialist movement remain vitally important to those on the left who seek to realize the promise of American democracy.

Former Aide Takes Aim at War on Terror by Laura Blumenfeld Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, June 16, 2003

Five days before the war began in Iraq, as President Bush prepared to raise the terrorism threat level to orange, a top White House counterterrorism adviser unlocked the steel door to his office, an intelligence vault secured by an electronic keypad, a combination lock and an alarm. He sat down and turned to his inbox.

"Things were dicey," said Rand Beers, recalling the stack of classified reports about plots to shoot, bomb, burn and poison Americans. He stared at the color-coded threats for five minutes. Then he called his wife: I'm quitting.

Beers's resignation surprised Washington, but what he did next was even more astounding. Eight weeks after leaving the Bush White House, he volunteered as national security adviser for Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.), a Democratic candidate for president, in a campaign to oust his former boss. All of which points to a question: What does this intelligence insider know?

"The administration wasn't matching its deeds to its words in the war on terrorism. They're making us less secure, not more secure," said Beers, who until now has remained largely silent about leaving his National Security Council job as special assistant to the president for combating terrorism. "As an insider, I saw the things that weren't being done. And the longer I sat and watched, the more concerned I became, until I got up and walked out."

In a series of interviews, Beers, 60, critiqued Bush's war on terrorism. He is a man in transition, alternately reluctant about and empowered by his criticism of the government. After 35 years of issuing measured statements from inside intelligence circles, he speaks more like a public servant than a public figure. Much of what he knows is classified and cannot be discussed. Nevertheless, Beers will say that the administration is "underestimating the enemy." It has failed to address the root causes of terror, he said. "The difficult, long-term issues both at home and abroad have been avoided, neglected or shortchanged and generally underfunded."

The focus on Iraq has robbed domestic security of manpower, brainpower and money, he said. The Iraq war created fissures in the United States' counterterrorism alliances, he said, and could breed a new generation of al Qaeda recruits. Many of his government colleagues, he said, thought Iraq was an "ill-conceived and poorly executed strategy."

"I continue to be puzzled by it," said Beers, who did not oppose the war but thought it should have been fought with a broader coalition. "Why was it such a policy priority?" The official rationale was the search for weapons of mass destruction, he said, "although the evidence was pretty qualified, if you listened carefully."

He thinks the war in Afghanistan was a job begun, then abandoned. Rather than destroying al Qaeda terrorists, the fighting only dispersed them. The flow of aid has been slow and the U.S. military presence is too small, he said. "Terrorists move around the country with ease. We don't even know what's going on. Osama bin Laden could be almost anywhere in Afghanistan," he said.

As for the Saudis, he said, the administration has not pushed them hard enough to address their own problem with terrorism. Even last September, he said, "attacks in Saudi Arabia sounded like they were going to happen imminently."

read this important article here....

The Screwing of Cynthia McKinney by Greg Palast, AlterNet posted June 18, 2003

Have you heard about Cynthia McKinney, former U.S. Congresswoman?

According to those quoted on National Public Radio, McKinney’s “a loose cannon” (media expert) who “the people of Atlanta are embarrassed and disgusted” (politician) by, and she is also “loony” and “dangerous” (senator from her own party).

Yow! And why is McKinney dangerous/loony/disgusting? According to NPR, “McKinney implied that the [Bush] Administration knew in advance about September 11 and deliberately held back the information.”

The New York Times’ Lynette Clemetson revealed her comments went even further over the edge: “Ms. McKinney suggest[ed] that President Bush might have known about the September 11 attacks but did nothing so his supporters could make money in a war.”

That’s loony, all right. As an editor of the highly respected Atlanta Journal Constitution told NPR, McKinney’s “practically accused the President of murder!”

Problem is, McKinney never said it.

That’s right. The “quote” from McKinney is a complete fabrication. A whopper, a fabulous fib, a fake, a flim-flam. Just freakin’ made up.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2003 - A pro-consumer group. Un-fucking-believable.

Apparently Whole Foods is trying to organize a union and da management aint too happy. It's funny because they really do put out this wholesome image and yet it's pretty apparent they are a bit deceiving. Considering how expensive everything is there I thought for sure they paid their employees fairly. Guess I was wrong.

In the face of union organizing and talk of worker disenchantment, the grocer is reaching out to employees it calls 'team members'

When workers at a Whole Foods Market Inc. store in Madison, Wis., voted last summer to unionize, it shocked company chairman and founder John Mackey.

"The Madison vote was a wake-up call," Mackey acknowledged this week.

Read more at the Austin_American Statesman


Magazine Desk | June 8, 2003, Sunday
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW: 6-8-03; Deficits and Dysfunction - By Peter G. Peterson (NYT) 2236 words
Late Edition - Final , Section 6 , Page 15 , Column 3
LEAD PARAGRAPH - I have belonged to the Republican Party all my life. As a Republican, I have served as a cabinet member (once), a presidential commission member (three times), an all-purpose political ombudsman (many times) and a relentless crusader whom some would call a crank (throughout). Among the bedrock principles that the Republican Party has stood for since its origins in the 1850's is the principle of fiscal stewardship -- the idea that government should invest in posterity and safeguard future generations from unsustainable liabilities. It is a priority that has always attracted me to the party. At various times in our history (especially after wars), Republican leaders have honored this principle by advocating and legislating painful budgetary retrenchment, including both spending cuts and tax hikes.

Over the last quarter century, however, the Grand Old Party has abandoned these original convictions. Without ever renouncing stewardship itself -- indeed, while talking incessantly about legacies, endowments, family values and leaving ''no child behind'' -- the G.O.P. leadership has by degrees come to embrace the very different notion that deficit spending is a sort of fiscal wonder drug. Like taking aspirin, you should do it regularly just to stay healthy and do lots of it whenever you're feeling out of sorts.

Fox can't get federal law right - Fox News runs erroneous story on marijuana law.

Story printed by Fox News claiming that federal marijuana laws don't cover anything but smuggling is in error but they refuse to retract or correct their story

Appellate Court Rules Media Can Legally Lie - By Mike Gaddy, Published 02. 28. 03 at 19:31 Sierra Time.

Oh, this is good - wackos who refer to the civil war as the "War of Northern Aggression", also courtesy of the Sierra Times. What the hell is the Sierra Time's deal? I dont get it.

Some of Us DO Care: A Response to Ann Coulter, By J.J. Johnson.

Dick Gephart's Page for Prez

Energy Independence for the 21st Century - "American Energy Independence for the 21st Century"; Remarks by Dick Gephardt to Silicon Valley Manufacturers Group

ESTATE TAX REPEAL: A Costly Windfall for the Wealthiest Americans

House Votes to End Estate Tax
(AP) - The House voted Wednesday to permanently end taxes on inherited estates, rejecting a Democratic effort to retain the tax for the country's wealthiest families. "What we're talking about here is fairness to families," said House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill. "They ought to have the comfort and relief to pass that business on to the next generation, to their children and to their grandchildren." The bill, passed 264-163, would permanently abolish taxes on estates and reduce revenue $162 billion through 2013. More...

EITC info;
Income and family size determine the amount of the EITC. To qualify for the credit, both the earned income and the adjusted gross income for 2002 must be less than $29,201 for a taxpayer with one qualifying child ($30,201 for married filing jointly), $33,178 for a taxpayer with more than one qualifying child ($34,178 for married filing jointly), and $11,060 for a taxpayer with no qualifying children ($12,060 for married filing jointly). The EITC Eligibility Checklist on the last page of IRS' Publication 596 , Earned Income Credit, may be used to quickly determine eligibility for the credit.

More EITC Info
Qualifying child Maximum credit
Two or more children $4,140
One child $2,506
No children $376

To be eligible for a full or partial credit, a taxpayer must have an adjusted gross income of less than:
$33,178 ($34,178 married filing jointly) and two or more children;
$29,202($30,202 MFJ) and one child;
$11,060 ($12,060 MFJ) with no children.

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