Thursday, April 10, 2003

There are countless dead, almost a hundred dead American soldiers, at least 23 dead British troops, countless injured. Oh yeah I almost forgot since no one in this country gives a shit about anyone except Americans, not even the people were supposedly liberating, over a thousand dead Iraqi civilians including this heartbreaking and horrifying story (don't click it if you have a weak stomach) and for what? I'm still waiting for Saddam to launch one of his attacks. We've had some of the war bloggers breifly ecstatic over the allied forces coming across some gunpowder and pesticide. All this may seem irrelevant now, because we are so close to the end.

Upon seeing some of the images of what has happened in the past few weeks it is easy I don't know what to make of it. I've seen some imagery of the Iraqi citizens who have suffered immeasureably at the hands of Saddam happy to liberated, although leary of what the US brings. I saw the statue of Saddma brought down and Iraqis celebrating in the steets, pictures of Iraqi citizens kissing soldiers. I've seen countless innocent Iraqis suffer for the only airtight reasoning behind this war; which is the less than complete and total cooperation Iraq gave to UN in the readmitance of weapon inspectors. As far as I'm concerned that's a little like giving a shoplifter the death penalty, but hey, the President is from Texas so for all we know maybe they do that down there.

This is why 3000 Iraqi Republican Guard officers are dead - it is hard, even for me, to empathize and feel sorry for the death of people who helped prop upa murderous dictator, but they too had families, a wife and childern perhaps? Who is going to take care of them?

What the hell is this world coming to? Have we lost our humanity? How many assholes out there are like the ones that populate sites like Little Green Footballs? Are the the ones that will keep Bush in the White House?

If this war is considered such a success, then what do we have to look forward to? North Korea? Iran? Syria? Saudi Arabia? France? Is this what the people of the nation I care about so deeply truly want, a never ending war against all that will obliterate all oppostion to America and unlimited supply of natural resources, namely Oil?

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