Tuesday, February 11, 2003

US chooses Saddam's successor - By Tom Allard, Foreign Affairs Writer - February 4 2003

Future in his hands ... Mohamed al-Jabiri holds the final draft of the blueprint for a post-Saddam justice system.

The United States has chosen a successor to Saddam Hussein from Iraq's notoriously fractious opposition groups, according to a former Iraqi diplomat who lives in Sydney.

Mohamed al-Jabiri, who has just returned from in talks with Washington, said the White House has given its "blessing" to the head of the Iraqi National Congress, Ahmed Chalabi, to lead a transitional coalition government in Iraq once Saddam has been deposed.

Lean Left blog - finally got to read this one....enjoy!

The near collapse of peace in this savage land is a narrative erased from the mind of Americans - An article in UK's The Independent.

Sierra protection plan under review - Bush may loosen logging restrictions more anti environmental action from the White House.

Commentary from This Is Hell - Jurors who convicted a medicinal marijuana advocate for growing pot issued a public apology to him and demanded that the judge grant him a new trial. They were unaware that the defendant was growing marijuana for medicinal purposes. The judge had barred his defense from mentioning that because he had been charged under federal laws, not the state laws that protect those who grow pot for medicinal rasons. Another exmple of the Republican-led federal government now adamant at undermining states' rights after years of supporting the states. Funny how little your ethics and morals change once your side is in charge.

I hate it when another good blogger beats me to it Rob of GetDonkey's post "It's so easy to become apathetic" pretty much says everything I feel. Damn you Rob for being so on top of things. Great post.

I heard that William Gibson had a blog, but this is the first time I've seen it. A very cool change of pace read for anyonre, especially for a reformed SF geek.

Salon article on Patriot II - More secret arrests, more power to spy - Patriot Act II - Despite official denials, Attorney General John Ashcroft has grand plans for new anti-terror legislation. Critics -- on the left and the right -- are worried.

Analysis on Patriot II courtesy of Norman Conquest via Knife of Simpson.

My friend and former bandmate Mike is in a new band What the hell does the name Phistine Verona mean?

Way to go Suzie Felber! She posts regularly now.

This is why Cal Pundit kicks ass.

Found this site thru Get Donkey

Check this out.

Notes on the Atrocities - another noteworthy blog.

Dillinger Escape Plan website - very cool.

And this was a comment made on mean mr mustard about Prof Greggor in Berkley - "If you are a Marxist enthusiast and believe that all the evil in the world is the product of a 'vast right-wing conspiracy'"

is describing a believer in something so obviously loaded in religious orthodoxy as to be inappropriate for the nature of his course. A philosopher might say that a true believer as such has already made a choice with regard to his or her maxims as to be beyond the ability to debate rationally on a more basic set of axioms. Especially given that this Marxist maxim is a high-level one that cannot stand on its own self-evidency. In other words, Gregor and his defenders understand that true Marxists believers are by virtue of their basic dogmatic choice unable to debate any other points except perhaps, the details of Marxist policy. Has anyone ever tried to debate a born-again Christian? You get the same effect. In the case of Shingavi's course, he outright claims that he either implicitly accepts the self-evidency of the Marxist maxim as stated above, or he accepts an equivalent.


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