Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Righteous fury in it's purest form, from my post via this debate at Sand in the Gears:


I don't have the time to go thru each and every argument you make. I do believe that Saddam and Osama are evil, and that we have to make motions to take care of them, and if that means killing them outright so be it. Leaving them unchecked isa huge mistake which is what I tried to bring up earlier on in this very long and now seemingly off the subject debate.

But the whole idea that the US, or more so our current President, his staff and his idealogical predecessors are qualified for the role of the righteous who should be pointing the finger and delivering justice is such a colossal joke of epic proportions that I can't help but watch with sheer madness. The fact that so many conservatives have decided to turn a blind eye to the fact that more than half of these murderous bastards were either helped or trained by the CIA is an utter travesty showing just how much conservatives in general have compromised their own core values in pursuit of the almighty dollar. It's time to start paying attention.

Osama and Saddam are two of many murderous maniacal bastards that have been produced by what is practically a minor league farm team for evil, courtesy of Reagan, Bush, etc. Our President lays claim to defending freedom and democracy. We have two standards for dealing with undemocratic nations - one standard is for undemocratic/theocratic human rights abusing nations, the other is for undemocratic/theocratic human rights abusing nations that do our bidding. The fact that our bozo President, VP and so many others that I can't count them all, have business ties to the very same nations that so many in the GOP are foaming at the mouth to lay waste to and yet no one bats an eye? The ones that have spoken up have been pushed out (Arriana Huffington for one). Psycologists call dissassociate disorder, look it up.

More than 1/4 of my posts dwells on this. As for oil, you can read this:

Every time the alternative energy issue comes up the whole right wing goes into automatic pilot and start blathering about FREE MARKETS. Here's an interesting question - When does the Oil industry finally get cut off and forced to start trying to make their profits without Governement handouts?

I might favor FREE MARKETS if they really existed, but they're more of a myth. As long as other fuel sources have to compete against the federally subsidized Oil Industry, alternative fuels may never be able to compete. All I ask is for a level playing field, either cut off the oil industry or give alternative fuels at least as much funding as the oil indutry if not more. It's in our national interests, it affects our international policy, it affects our immigration poicy, it affects the environment, our military. Oil manages to alter just about everything in this country, and directs too much of our resources, our time, our efforts, etc.

Unfortunately no one in Washington tells the oil industry to "pick themselves up by their own bootstraps". Instead they hold their hands out and the FREE MARKET Republicans dole out billions of your tax dollars to support corporate welfare. It's even more repulsing considering how much mileage the right wing has gotten out of 9.11 and calling out lefties/liberals/Democrats for immigration policies and not being tough enough for whatever their reasoning is, and yet Bush Co. gets away with stuff like this.

See for yourself on this article VITAL STATISTICS: 15 Largest US Government Subsidies to the Oil Industry

Even the Cato Institute knows dude!!!! We've all been sold out by your own party for oil profits, and brainwashed into thinking that oil is the only way. Chomsky and Sontag didn't give pay for plane ticket and do business with murderers, theives and religious fanatics. Our President did! Its time to Wake the f&%*$ up man!


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