Sunday, February 02, 2003

Independent Vermont Congressman Bernie Sanders summarizes why Americans are opposed to the impending war, ran in the Mirror in the UK.

ABC News' TheNote

US buys up Iraqi oil to stave off crisis - Seizing reserves will be an allied priority if forces go in

Faisal Islam and Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow, Sunday January 26, 2003, The Observer

Facing its most chronic shortage in oil stocks for 27 years, the US has this month turned to an unlikely source of help - Iraq.
Weeks before a prospective invasion of Iraq, the oil-rich state has doubled its exports of oil to America, helping US refineries cope with a debilitating strike in Venezuela.

After the loss of 1.5 million barrels per day of Venezuelan production in December the oil price rocketed, and the scarcity of reserves threatened to do permanent damage to the US oil refinery and transport infrastructure. To keep the pipelines flowing, President Bush stopped adding to the 700m barrel strategic reserve.

But ultimately oil giants such as Chevron, Exxon, BP and Shell saved the day by doubling imports from Iraq from 0.5m barrels in November to over 1m barrels per day to solve the problem. Essentially, US importers diverted 0.5m barrels of Iraqi oil per day heading for Europe and Asia to save the American oil infrastructure.

Paul Krugman's unofficial archive website

And here's an entry by Krugman about the tax cut Bush is proposing. It's just swell!

The CIA's Secret Army, from Time Magazine - Because of past scandals, the agency had largely dropped its paramilitary operations. But the war on terrorism has brought it back into the business

The Fetal Position - Federal and state dollars are subsidizing a boom in antiabortion 'crisis pregnancy centers.' By Ziba Kashef January/February 2003 Issue of Mother Jones - It's well known that President Bush is no friend to family planning. In November, for example, the administration threatened to pull out of the U.N. population accord, a landmark agreement that the United States helped write eight years ago, unless "reproductive health services" and "reproductive rights" -- terms it fears could be construed as pro-abortion -- are excised. But less well known is Bush's effort on the domestic front to increase funding for his preferred version of family planning: crisis pregnancy centers, or CPCs

Quick, Form the Box Office - President Bush spoke behind a stack of boxes with tape over the words "Made in China." (Rick Bowmer -- AP) Al Kamen Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Remember "Boxgate," the incident last week at a St. Louis warehouse in which President Bush touted small business and things made in America? And the problem was, he was standing behind a bunch of boxes that had tape over the words "Made in China"?

Seems the person who did this, said by the White House to be an "overzealous volunteer," may have committed a federal offense.

Covering up the "Made In" labels is against the law, a violation of venerable Title 19, Chapter 4, Subtitle II, Part 1, Sec. 134.11, which "requires that every article of foreign origin (or its container) imported into the United States shall be marked in a conspicuous place as legibly, indelibly and permanently" as possible, "in such manner as to indicate to an ultimate purchaser . . . [the] name of the country of origin of the article."


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