Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Get Donkey documents more double standards and hypocrisy from Republicans, courtesy of Utah. This one is about "blue slips" for senators to veto judicial nominations from their home state.

Linked from CalPundit - FRANCE VS. THE WORLD....Francophobe Jonah Goldberg writes in the Corner today:

I have no problem with the assertion that the French are "boldly" acting on their self-interests. Indeed, I have no problem with self-interestedness in general. But I am appalled at those who look to the French including, of course, the French themselves, as a moral authority or arbiter of America's foreign policy. America has done more for human rights, more to relieve man's estate, and much more to preserve and foster liberty and prosperity in the world than the French ever dreamed. France can claim to be or aspire to be a check on America in the world. Bully for them. But that makes them a problem in my book. They're not enemies and they're not evil. But they're not part of the solution either.

Clinton Basher Peggy Noonan's preminitious article pre 9.11 I had just read it for the first time today.

Eric Alterman's blog.


The upcoming Split in C-Idealogy (praying to two demigods)

-Appeasement of Saudi Arabia/Middle East & Oil Companies vs. Israel
-China (BUSINESS INTERESTS VS. CHINESE GOV. ANTAGONIZING(especially after plane collision)
-Religious Right Wing's Fear of a One world government, typically USED AGAINST of UN vs. joining of the WTO, which has far more power.
-family values vs. welfare safety net
women shouldn't work vs. single welfare mothers need to work more
regulation of TV vs. cutting funding for PBS
credit card bankruptcy reform
abortion - always cutting funding to laws that would reduce it because of business interests, but always looking to make illegal

-Barak Obama for Senate in Illinois

Hypocrisy: conservative mantra to Gov. funded programs they don't like - "We don't trust the Gov."
conservative mantra when they do something without justification - "We're the Gov., trust us"


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