Thursday, January 23, 2003

A sketch of what's to come from the Blowtorch Monkey Armada

It ain't easy being a Democrat lately. I don't even really call myself a Democrat much anymore (Not from embarrassment of association, but rather their continuous compromise of their principles). I've taken to calling myself a Default Democrat. I find myself aggravated by the Dems, but it's my sheer anger over GOP policy that keeps me voting for Democrats (for the most part) and therefore against the GOP (again for the most part)

It is this depression and frustration that has led me to think about why Democrats are having such a hard time lately.

There are a slew of reasons why. Money has always been, and will always be an issue, maybe the biggest reason. The GOP, by and large, will always be bigger favorites with Big Business... There are excepetions of course, like here in Illinois. The airline industry, which wanted to expand O'Hare airport (ailing United being based in suburban Chicago), threw their support to what is now our (newly inaugurated Democratic) Governor Rod Blagoyavich.

Not to insult anyone reading this, but I know there are at least a couple of you out there who are not from Illinois, so to understand why that happened you need only look at the losing GOP Gubenatorial candidate Jim Ryan - he couldn't support the expantion of OHare for a very simple reason - the land where there are currently houses that will become part of O'Hare in the near future, those homes are owned by people who vote traditionally Republicans. But again, this little anecdote is the exception. It could be the reason why our current GOP Senator Fitzgerald will almost certainly lose his seat in 2004.

But I think there is a more prominent reason why the Democrats have had so much trouble as of late and maybe this is far more complicated and systematic. While the Democrats have always been a big house for many groups, it perpetually seems to grow, adding new groups, causes and issues as the years go by. There is no shortage of potential supporters of the Democrats, the trouble is trying to balance those different issues without ticking one off at the expense of the other.

If you looked at the Democratic party of old you'd see a lot of the groups mentioned below. But 30 years ago the environmental issue wasn't on the table, civil rights was far easier and more clear cut, gays and lesbians still lived their lives in secret.

Take a look at all the groups that the Democrats try to embody now, or sometimes more often appease;
-The Trial lawyers
-The Teachers unions
-The Teamsters
-NOW and women's rights advocates
-Gay rights activists, anyone in the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered contigent-
-Minorities, be it African Americans, Hispanics or any other minority that traditionally votes more Democrat than GOP
-Environmental group such as the Sierra Club, etc.
-Social advocates
-Economic Justice Advocates
-Human Rights Groups, although this is very loose, because Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch would probably criticize -Clinton almost as harshly as Reagan and Bush
-Consumer Advocates
-Anti Death Penalty advocates

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