Thursday, January 30, 2003

Interesting post about Communism vs. Nazism

The Corporate Welfare Budget (from the Cato Institue, a conservative website)President Bush's first proposed budget recommends about $12 billion in total corporate welfare cuts. Most notable are the proposed cuts for the Advanced Technology Program, the Export-Import Bank, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the Maritime Administration's guaranteed loan program, and the Small Business Administration. However, the Bush budget proposal also increases some of the largest corporate welfare programs, such as federal aid to oil companies through the fossil energy research and development program and research subsidies to aerospace companies as well as increases for the National Agricultural Statistics Service, the Foreign Agriculture Service, and the Conservation Reserve Program.

Angelfire site on welfare & corporate

Google search for "subsidies+for+oil+companies+corporate+welfare"

Eric Alterman's page from MSNBC.


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