Friday, January 31, 2003

Eric Alterman) (Bush sells vision of hydrogen future - Jan. 29 — Using the national spotlight to sell a technology still foreign to most Americans, President Bush on Tuesday proposed a $1.2 billion program to help build the infrastructure needed to revolutionize the cars we drive. The goal is to replace the polluting internal combustion engine with battery-like fuel cells that run on nonpolluting hydrogen. But obstacles exist, and the long time frame has environmentalists worried that more immediate action will be ignored.) on internal combustion engine)

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doubt about the difference

-The upcoming Split in C-Idealogy (praying to two demigods)

Appeasement of Saudi Arabia/Middle East & Oil Companies vs. Israel
China (BUSINESS INTERESTS VS. CHINESE GOV. ANTAGONIZING(especially after plane collision)
RRW'S FEAR OF One world gov. USED AGAINST of UN vs. WTO (has far more power)
family values vs. welfare safety net
women shouldn't work vs. single welfare mothers need to work more
regulation of TV vs. cutting funding for PBS
credit card bankruptcy reform
ab. - always cutting funding to laws that would reduce it because of business interests, but always looking to make illegal

-Barak Obama for Senate

-Hypocrisy (old con mantra - "We don't trust the Gov."
new con mantra - "We're the Gov., trust us")

I started this article with a post that didn't get very far. Yeah we're appeasing the Turks who we need not just for Gulf II the Sequel, but for credibility on the US not being blankedly (is that a word?) against Islam.

Actually the post had to do with how disingenous Dubya Co. is about one of the justifications about an Iraqi invasion and the potential benefits. One thing that gets bandied around is how we are "going to bring Democracy to Iraq" - I'm all for Democracy, although I have serious reservations about the idea that this war will bring that. It's an argument that has at least some merit, but that is debatable for another post.

My post wasn't about whether this war is right or wrong, it was about what this Administration (and previous employees of Bush #1) have done, and how their claim for the War being able to bring Democracy is disingenuous, or to put it in simpler terms they're FULL OF SHIT.

If we were really interested in Democracy (remember Democracy represents the people, all the people equally) then why are we only talking to the ruling Sunni, and not the Shiite majority? Why are we talking to individuals who used to be Ba'ath party members who've been exiled by Saddam, and not to Kurds and all the other individuals who've been maligned by Saddam? Why is it that these people are already cutting up Iraqi oil fields for themselves and bypassing the rights of the people of Iraq at large.

Unfortunately since my free time is in short supply I don't have time to get all these articles that these assertions have been referenced from..... oh well.

Simply put this Administration is FULL OF SHIT in regards to democracy. All I ask for is truth......


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