Wednesday, December 11, 2002

dubyadubyadubya a funny commercial worth looking at.

An article in Esquire back in Jan 2001 calling United Airlines THE WORST RUN CORPORATION IN USA. Funny enough, the article recommends you buy the stock. Doh!!! Glad I didn't heed that advice.

Chuck Olsen's blogumentary came across this, it's purty... - A worthwhile site to visit regularly. Web muckracking for the 21st Century.

Listen to this NPR report about Masood (leader of Northern Alliance, assisgnated on 9.9.01) and details about Mullah Mohammed Omar. When he fled for his life, he gave away his luxury Toyota Forerunners. Omar, the man who led the Taliban and banned music in Afghanistan, also had a CD player and CD's in the car when he gave them away.

Inside the mind of a jew this blog is very new, but I am intrigued by the title...


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