Thursday, December 19, 2002

deficit spending and lies by the Bush administration

GetDonkey's post about Clinton's commentary on Trent Lott

Conason's Journal - read this; Luntz blames Clinton for Trent Lott

Does this surprise anybody? From Butler in Hoboken.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Place for free RJD2 MP3 - I don't know how good this track is, but RjD2 is quite good, at least from the material that I've heard. on COMETS ON FIRE

Review from Mid Heaven of Comets on Fire - **The debut full-length from psycho psych freakouts COMETS ON FIRE, and a dandy display of dark and damaged acid rock, served in a crude and blown-out speedball of Blue Cheer, High Rise, and a shit-faced-drunk Roxy-era Eno. A blend of methamphetamine sonic rock and Schnapps-loaded imploding free-form, laced with Echoplex-treated tales of drug-crazed space travelers, gunked-up graverobbers, and cosmic cannibals. Limited edition of 500 copies, packaged in hand-painted and screened sleeves.

More Comets on Fire info

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US Maple site of interest (Italian website with reviews of US Maple in English too) (US Maple review)



By Steve Knopper
Special to the Tribune
Published April 14, 2002

We don't find the government "utterly trustworthy, prescient, and correct" at all - we have concidered both issues for ourselves (neat concept, I know) and decided that the airport security thing is being handled badly and that Hussein needs to go. While airport security could be done differently (therefore we clamor for it to be done differently), no one else seems to have a first-class military machine lying around, so the US government will just have to do. - taken from another website

Ya know, correct me if I'm wrong but the MO and the answer to just about every single domestic issue we have offered by the conservative right wing in this nation has been less, little or no government oversight/control etc. As a matter of fact when was the last time the right wing offered a solution to a domestic problem that involved Government control/oversight, or a right winger who decided that any area of your life/well being/safety was not best left to the private sector?

And yet the same people that don't trust the government to regulate anything, including;
- the environment
- the marketplace (SEC, just about anything else)
- private property
- education
- social security
- guns and ammo
- utilities and the energy market
- health care

and just about anything else you can think of, these people, generally speaking do trust the government to kill people, be it capital punishment or conducting war. And this doesn't seem even just a little bit ironic to you?

The Authentic Liberal? give me a break

Good entry by Ted Barlow

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

dubyadubyadubya a funny commercial worth looking at.

An article in Esquire back in Jan 2001 calling United Airlines THE WORST RUN CORPORATION IN USA. Funny enough, the article recommends you buy the stock. Doh!!! Glad I didn't heed that advice.

Chuck Olsen's blogumentary came across this, it's purty... - A worthwhile site to visit regularly. Web muckracking for the 21st Century.

Listen to this NPR report about Masood (leader of Northern Alliance, assisgnated on 9.9.01) and details about Mullah Mohammed Omar. When he fled for his life, he gave away his luxury Toyota Forerunners. Omar, the man who led the Taliban and banned music in Afghanistan, also had a CD player and CD's in the car when he gave them away.

Inside the mind of a jew this blog is very new, but I am intrigued by the title...