Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Quoted from this Slate article ;

An article tags President Bush the "partisan-in-chief." He spends more time fund raising and stumping for local candidates than any previous president, including Clinton. And yet polls show that voters place Bush above the partisan fray.

Are we a nation of idiots? Who the hell are these polls of, as in whom are they polling?

The GOP/Right Wingers slammed Clinton for as long as he was in office for this kinda thing, and now Dubya is doing the same exact thing. After slamming Clinton for renting out the Lincoln bedroom, Bush had the courtesy to move his fundraisers to the Vice Presidents place of residence. Hypocrisy drives me nuts.

All this goes to show you that there are few principles in politics.

This is completely related to the debate on GetDonkey and the subsequent posts there. Everything that is happening in NJ that' getting the GOP's panties in a bunch has been perpetrated in the past in others states. The switching of party candidates is a little older dating back to 1990 in Minnesota.

The other however is more current, as in Katherine Harris resigning her position 2 weeks later than the law prescribes on time in order to run in the GOP Primary. Nobody was outraged in the GOP by the 2 week violation by Harris down in Florida when it seemed like no big deal. Now, no matter what happens in NJ, the rightwingers will be crying foul.